Publishing my memoir, The Stovepipe, has launched me on an odyssey of speaking engagements, book signings, and book reader groups.  I have been gratified by the reception my book has received, and by the many heartwarming e-mails I have received from my readers. I have welcomed the opportunity to meet new friends from all walks of life, to unite with family members I had never met, and to be reunited with long-lost family relatives who somehow got lost in life’s shuffle.  Here, on my blog, I will document the ongoing adventure of promoting my book and the greater good of raising awareness of the foster care issues.

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  1. Mrs. Virag,

    I must first tell you that your book was one of the most heart wrenching, sad but yet sometimes hilarious biographies I have ever read. Living in Norfolk County ( Port Dover) I felt that I was really able to visualize every farm you lived and wondered if I had ever passed by any of them during my several trips throughout the County. During the two days it took me to read your book (which I have to say was a record for me- I couldn’t put it down) I kept thinking of what it must have been like for you and your sisters working on that tobacco farm and living in that small attic for those five years. The love between the four of you was so strong nothing wicked could break it. I felt myself cheering for you all and as I read every chapter I was hoping the next chapter was going to be the start of your happy life. You all were tested so many times and your resilience amazed me. I don’t think I have ever been more affected by a book before. Thank you for sharing your story. I know now after reading it that this book was your healing.

    • Hello Lisa:

      So nice to hear from you and am happy that you enjoyed The Stovepipe book. The release of the book really put me on quite a journey. Unbeknown to me my mother had five more children after I was put in foster care. I have now had to pleasure of uniting with them and just met my last brother about three weeks ago. I also found out that I had three brothers serving in World War II at the time were taken away. Unfortunately, (except for one brother, Albert – Page 427) they passed away before I was able to connect with them. And yes, I think the book was a catharsis for me and my three sisters. They were overcome with joy when I presented them each with the first copies to come off the press. My sister Joan cries every time she reads it. Thanks for writing.

  2. Dear Mrs. Virag,
    It took me almost two weeks to read your book. I could only read a couple of chapters at a time and had to stop to take it in. I hope the reading of this book will help others to break the silence. Sadly, sharing a vocation with some who have seriously abused children I believe the abuse of children in our society and in various ways is more widespread than anyone can really imagine.
    In my own pastoral experience I have discovered not only the children but even single parents can be threatened. I once found myself confronting a male social worker who tried to seduce one if my parishioners. This was in the 1980’s. He threatening to take away her children. She refused him. It was a he said/she said situation though he was shocked she told me. He very shortly left the children’s aid. She was able to get the children’s aid out of their lives. The lady and both children ended up with university degrees against great odds.
    Fortunately I have met some fine foster parents but even they get concerned about where some of the children have been and still some social workers can be deaf. Sadly, it is a never ending story that demands constant vigilance, prayer and penance. Your book will certainly make me more observant. As you have said, if this book helps others, and I am sure it will, to break the silence or listen to their conscience it is a blessing . May God bless you and give you health and strength to carry on this needed work.
    (Rev.) R. Bulbrook

  3. Thank you Rev. Bulbrook. The Lord has already blessed me in many more ways than I probably deserve. He has blessed me with good health, a loving husband, two handsome sons and an adorable grandson. I am truly blessed. And I pray that his light will shine on those less fortunate.

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